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Job Policy

  1. To insure the best job possible, Precision may bring more materials to the job site than required.  Any materials remaining after completion belongs to Precision.


  1. Precision will not be responsible for delays in construction, installation, or services caused or created by inclement weather conditions, suppliers, transportation services, or due to other circumstances beyond Precision’s control.  This includes, but is not limited to, extreme or continuous wet or rainy weather and/or more than normal snow and ice.


  1. Rock clause:  The total price does not include extra labor or materials needed to remove or work through large rock or other solid debris which may be buried and/or below sight.  Installer will inform the customer of any such problems as they occur and discuss options prior to the addition of any charges.


  1. During construction, many buried items may be found.  Precision is not responsible for extra cost associated with relocation, repair, replacement or any underground utilities including irrigation, electronic fence or any other buried items.


  1. Precision bids do not reflect cost of permits, testing, inspections and/or blueprints/plan approval that may be required.


  1. Precision bids do not reflect cost of any electrical outlets and/or gas lines that may be needed on the installation of a water garden, swimming pool, fire pit, outdoor kitchens or fireplaces.  These services (if needed) will be provided by an electrician or plumber.  If cost is noted on the estimate, it is strictly an estimate and may change after plumber or electrician visits site


  1. Lateral fields for septic systems must be marked by homeowner prior to construction.


  1. Warranties are one year after completion date of invoice.


  1. All accessories (liner, pump, filters, etc) are all covered under manufacturer warranties.  Warranty is for the product only, a service fee ($125) will apply to cover labor and travel expense to pick up item and drive to site and replace.


  1. All workers are covered by worker’s compensation insurance.


  1. At completion of construction, Precision will grade yard to proper drainage slope, however, seeding and sodding of yard is not included in contract unless specified.


  1. If a change order is required, Precision will send you an email with cost, a simple email back is required from home owner acknowledging the change in price is accepted.  All change order are to be paid in full by the end of that work week.


  1. Fence estimates are an estimate. A field measurement will be measured after completion and charged the ln ft cost on the contract.


  1. Concrete is guaranteed to crack!  Expansion joints will be cut into concrete to minimize cracking.  If a design of a diamond or pattern is requested extra cutting and layout fee is required.  Normal upcharge is $150.


  1. All outdoor kitchen appliances are to be provided by homeowners when installing an outdoor kitchen, and must be on-site when production of kitchen begins.  Precision assumes no responsibility should they fail in the future.


  1. Custom Liner Orders can take from 2 to 4 weeks for proper measurement to be determined by computer.  Most custom liners will require 10 days and 2-3 trip to site for measurement checks before liner will go to production for 7-10 days and then ship 3-4 days.


  1. Tree removal is not part of any pool bid unless listed.  Homeowner is required to have them removed prior to Precisions arrival.


  1. Plastered pools require brushing for the first week after pool is filled.  Precision is not responsible for this service or a daily service call of $75 will be added to the final invoice.  Brushing simply needs to be completed to prevent calcium from curing on the plaster.  Calcium is the lime coming to the top of the plaster and a light brushing prevents white spotting.


  1. All tiles for pools have budget figure of $13 sf.  Tiles that are selected for a higher cost will be added to projects final total.  Standard mortar color for pool tiles are charcoal unless specified different.


  1. Precision will have Elite Pool service balance water for all pool start-ups in the Kansas City area.  Elite Pool service can maintain your pool for a service fee on a weekly or by weekly basis if desired.


  1. All scheduled payment must be received on time or construction will stop until payments are back on schedule.


  1. Liner wrinkles on custom made liner may occur if pool is closed improper.  Sand bags are recommend on top of liner areas on sun ledge or benches for winter duration when water is lowered below jets and those areas will no longer have water weight holding it in position.


  1. Precision Creations will work with other contractors that homeowner hires within reason.  We will not make special trips to site without a fee.  Contractors will need to schedule their schedule to meet us while were on site working.  Special trips will incur a $50 site fee which will be added to final invoice.


  1. Precision requires our electrician do work when easy touch or intellatouch systems are selected.


  1. A walk thru is requested on the second and the last day of construction on the site.  This prevents costly call backs to Precision.


Thank You,


Precision Pools and Patios